Entertain your parrots with toys

Entertain your parrots with toys

Three tips for selecting proper parrot toys

Owning a parrot can be an exciting time, but it can also be a challenge because you have to provide them with entertainment. You may think you are providing them with plenty of entertainment when you are home, which you may be doing. However, you may run into the problem of what you are going to do for them when you are asleep or at work. This is when you may want to have three tips to help you find the perfect parrot toys for your bird. 

The first tip is determining what size of a bird you are buying toys for. When you know this information, you can find the toys meant for them specifically and know you can avoid finding toys that have too large of openings for the beak. If the openings are too large, they can get their beaks stuck in them. Then you will have to try to get the toy off of your bird's beak without getting bitten. So the size of the toy and birds are a great thing for you to evaluate. 

Another tip you need to look for is the coloration of the toys. By identifying the color and pattern of your parrot's toys, you can start to figure out if they are going to be attractive to your bird or not. For example, if the toys are only black and white, the chance of your parrot playing with the toy will be reduced. However, if the toys are multiple colored, they are going to be more attractive to your birds and this can help hold their attention for a longer period of time. 

Something else you may want to look for is the different ways toys are secured to the cage. Typically the toys will not be like those shown in the picture and will be secured to the cage for your birds to play with. So you need to know about how these toys you are selecting for your parrot are going to be secured, to guarantee your birds are not able to take the toys off of the cage on their own and lose them. 

Having a parrot to talk to can be a good thing, but you need to make sure you have your parrot entertained properly when you are not around to talk to them. This may involve finding some great new toys for your parrot to play with. Make sure you have some tips before you go out and buy all the parrot toys in the store for your bird, otherwise you may find out they will not play with them because they are not the proper toys for their needs.