Three tips for selecting your chicken breed

Three tips for selecting your chicken breed

Why it's important to select the right one

Chicken breeds are easily one of the most commonly confused topics. The reason this is a confusing topic is because so many people think there are only a couple of breeds of chickens. However, this is far from the truth and if you look through any of the hatchery catalogs, you will be amazed by the selection of birds available. To help you decide, you should utilize these three tips to help you in finding the best chicken breed for your needs. 

The first tip to help you in finding the proper birds for your flock is to determine what you want the birds for. If you want to get birds mainly for eggs, then you want a breed which is known for their laying ability. However, if you want a bird for meat, then you may want to get a hybrid chicken. So you need to determine first what you plan on using your bird for to determine which kind you need to look for. You may also want to consider a dual-purpose bird as if you are not sure if you want a specific bird. 

A second tip to use for your selection of birds is to read more about the temperament of the birds. Normally your chicken hatchery will let you know about the temperament of your birds before you order them. When you do this research, you can determine if the bird has the proper temperament for your needs or area. Without this research you may have a great looking bird, but not be able to handle the bird because of the temper they have.

Something else you should consider is the amount of noise the birds will produce. This is really important for you to know if you live in a city or residential area. So you can look at the hatchery site or other resources to find out how much noise you should expect to find with your chickens. Then you can determine if the chickens will be quiet enough for you to keep in your area. 

Raising chickens can be a fun and exciting thing to do. However, if you do not have the proper tips, it can be impossible to select the breed you want to have for your chicken experience. With the tips which I mentioned above, though, it is rather easy for you to select the best breed of chicken around for your needs. Then you can happily raise your birds and not have to be concerned about them hurting you or the neighbors complaining about them.