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What kind of parrot is this?

This parrot/bird/parakeet appeared in my carob tree last Thursday. He comes by every morning and eats from our birdfeeder, then comes back at night to hit it for dinner. I have no idea what kind of bird this is but I must assume since this isn’t South Africa or the Amazon, that this is an escapee. Like the Parrots of Telegraph Hill. He has a bright orange bill but is otherwise entirely green. He makes lots of bird noises, including his favorite, which is a loud sqwawk. He terrorizes my dog too. He arrives bright and early, gives a loud shriek causing my dog to spring to life from under the covers at 6am. She then proceeds to whine until we let her out and then they yell at each other for ten minutes. Back and forth, sqwawk, bark bark bark, sqwawk, bark bark bark… I’m all for birds having their freedom, but I think he is becoming co-dependent on my dog and it must end. This guy is also burning through my birdseed stash faster than I care to replace it. I wish him the best, but I really want him to keep it down til at least 7. He is beautiful to look at and I enjoy the idea of a parrot choosing my tree, but man is he loud. If you know what kind of parrot this is, let me know.