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Do Parakeets Make Good Pets?

If you are considering a bird for a pet, parakeets can make a lively, fun addition to your family.  Because they are relatively easy to care for and generally have no stringent diet requirements, parakeets make an excellent starter bird.  With their vibrant colors, cheerful sounds and ability to mimic some of their owner’s words, parakeets are a great way to venture into the world of pet birds.

Parakeet Care
Parakeets are among the easiest pet birds to care for.  They need a food formulated for budgies or parakeets, a cuttle bone to sharpen their beaks and provide calcium, and a selection of toys and perches to keep them occupied while they must be in the cage.  Other than these basics, parakeets thrive when given plenty of attention and some time to fly around.  You can accomplish the exercise part of their care by either allowing them to have supervised time out of the cage, or by building a flight cage large enough to allow them to fly freely.Parakeet Characteristics
Parakeets are fun, energetic and cheerful birds.  They love to play and do best with a few toys rotated in and out of their cage on a regular basis.  A well-handled parakeet will look forward to spending time with you and will enjoy eating treats from your hand.  You can teach your parakeet a few simple words, whistled tunes and even some tricks.

Overall, if you are interested in owning a pet bird, the parakeet is an ideal bird to begin with.  They are easy to care for, offer lots of entertainment and social time, and brighten the room with their beautiful colors and funny antics.