November 2009

The Noble Turkey

It's the time of year that in America, we're all thinking about turkey, even those of us who lack any desire to actually ingest the bird. I suspect that most you you were told, much as I was, that we celebrate Thanksgiving and dine on turkey as a tradition that honors the Pilgrims and the first

Thanksgiving. The birds we dine on, or that most of us dine on, are carefully bred and exceedingly stupid hybrids. They're typically white or buff, and some are dark gray-brown. They don't look much like the native wild American turkey; Meleagris gallopavo silvestris. The picture above is an Eastern Wild Turkey, and and example of the sub-species that the Pilgrims would have seen.

Chicken Fear

Someone sent me a link to this hilarious blog post today.  To sum up: Audrey's chickens spent the entire day being terrorized by a dried sunflower seed head.  Which her gardening friend had kindly saved and dried for her, and which she had set out in their run thinking that they would have fun picking at it all day.  Oh my no!  They flew into a complete panic upon seeing it, then spent the rest of the day in their coop without food (just water).

Dried sunflower heads = SHEER TERROR.

This isn't terribly unusual.  After all, we call cowards "chicken" for a reason.