January 2010

National Bird Feeding Month

Want to add some zippy bursts of color to your yard, wake up to melodic music, and drive your indoor cats psycho all at once? Behold, the bird feeder!

Installing bird feeders in your yard is one of the easiest things you can do to attract wildlife. Most bird feeders are super cheap (or free, if you’re into DIY projects) and birdseed itself isn’t going to break the bank, either. Here are some great bird feeding gear you can buy or create for well under ten bucks. Remember, a little time and effort will reward you with plenty of feathered friends to share your backyard with.

Baby Chicks Are Coming!

As February approaches, baby chicks will soon start being shipped to feed stores across the country.  When I stopped at my local feed store last week to pick up another bag of Layena, I saw the notice on the front door.  This feed store's chicks are in such high demand that they have a waiting list months in advance.

Chicks are cute, but they grow into chickens, and they're a big responsibility.  I'm going to assume you're not one of those awful people who would buy a chick as an Easter present, without a thought for its future!

Heritage Chicken Breeds

I have been thinking a lot about heritage breeds, because the topic of heritage livestock seems to crop up a lot in articles about eating locally, sustainable living, that kind of thing.  Heritage breeds are valuable not just because they are old and interesting bits of living history (although they are).  Most heritage breeds were developed to be hardy, in keeping with the times in which they lived.