September 2010

The Trafalgar Square Hawks

I spend a lot of time searching for stuff on Flickr, and I often run across amazing things just by accident.  The very meaning of serendipity!  Today I went looking for pictures of Trafalgar Square, and encountered the picture you see to the left, of a Harris hawk on a warning sign.

"Say what?" was my first thought.  I imagined the citizens of London coming to a halt, breathless as a majestic wild raptor swooped down from the skies, only to perch atop a sign which seems to be warning of a cable stretching across the pavement.

Frankly this seemed pretty implausible, even to me.  I looked a little more closely, and thought I spotted jesses dangling from the hawk's feet.  In another picture from the same Flickr user, I confirmed the presence of jesses.