April 2011

Penguins Mysteriously Losing Feathers

The penguin is often cited as the most beloved animal, particularly by children. Whether it’s because of Elijah Wood’s performance in Happy Feet or, more probably, the fact that they are adorable little fat waddlers who just melt our hearts, humans tend to heart penguins quite a bit.

Unfortunately a new disease is impacting our beloved creatures, making them lose their feathers as chicks. The illness, known as feather loss disorder, is even causing some of them to die before they can even reach adulthood. South Atlantic penguin colonies are being affected by this mysterious illness.

Take Action: Save the Burrowing Owl

Canada’s burrowing owl is an endangered species that could use much more help than it currently gets. The bird is facing complete destruction; its numbers have dwindled a whopping 95% in the past three decades. Between soil erosion, poisoning, and general human involvement, the birds are dying out faster than they can be saved, and it’s largely—if not fully—our own fault.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an owl up close or not, but there’s a reason the birds are symbols of wisdom and the goddess Athena. Owls are incredibly clever, majestic, and adorable while still maintaining a fierceness only a bird of prey could do. The fact that they are dying out due to human interference is such a horrible travesty.