December 2011

Chickens May Help Save Endangered Species

Could raising chickens substitute for hunting "bush meat" in Africa?
Sub-Saharan Africa is a pretty tough place to try and eke out a living, whether you are a human being, a forest antelope, or a threatened species of monkey. The conditions in Gabon, for example, are such that many families are on the verge of serious malnutrition and starvation. 
The only way these rural villagers can obtain any protein in their diets is to slip into nearby forests and hunt whatever animals they can find, either with bow and arrow or with snare traps. Can you blame them? Would you do the same, if your spouse and children were so desperately hungry and relying on you to bring home something to eat?

Hand Raised or Not?

"Hand-raised birds are generally quite a bit more expensive because they take much more time to raise."

When you are preparing to bring a pet bird into your home, you generally have a choice between buying a bird that has been hand-raised, or one that has not.  A hand-raised bird means one that has been raised by a person instead of its parent.  Hand-raised birds tend to be tamer, but birds that are not hand-raised are not necessarily wild, either.

How to Keep Parrot Biting to a Minimum During the Holidays

"Give your bird the same amount of attention that you would during any other occasion. "

With the holiday season in full swing you may find your pet parrot is acting a bit wilder than usual. The reasons can range from a steady stream of visitors coming in and out of your home to a wish from your bird to stay in its cage.


I heard from my mom, who has four parrots, that her cockatoo bit her for the first time in quite a while. I asked what was going on at the time and found out that she was in the process of giving each animal their Christmas present and they all were pretty wound and were either whistling, singing and screaming. She went to let them out for their nightly play time outside their cages when her cockatoo decided to bite. What happened was the cockatoo got overstimulated from hearing the bells and rattles on the new bird toys. He was really excited about the new toy and showed how he was feeling by biting my mom.

Cockatiels Make a Great Pet Bird For the Entire Family

When I think if a cockatiel the first words that come to mind are “gentle,” “small,” “wise” and “affectionate.” I've had a few of these birds over the years and except for one, they were affectionate and animated. Cockatiels originate from Australia and come in colors including gray, white, pied (spotted) and cinnamon. This specie of bird did not receive much notice by the outside world until the Australian gold rush. They can live from 15 to 30 years depending on health, diet and care.

List of Extinct Birds

Animal extinction has been much on my mind lately.  It is horrific to think that the careless actions of a few individuals can result in the complete and utter decimation of a species of animal.  More awareness needs to be raised on this issue, and we need to take steps to halt the extinction of the animals we have left.  These four species of birds are now extinct, and while they have been gone for a long time, even the New Zealand Moa is suspected to have been killed out by avid hunters.

Birds: All About the Awesome Amazons

Amazons Laugh, Talk and Do Tricks

I believe that amazon parrots are the true pirate bird. An amazon's talking ability rivals that of an African gray, though these birds will talk only when they feel it's the occasion to let loose. I have the fortune of living with a Blue Front amazon and I can vouch for their ability to chat using a crystal clear, human like voice. Not only can amazons talk, they can also learn tricks and generally love to show off for their owners. The vocal sounds amazons make range from low growls to high pitch squawks when their excited. (Amazons love to make comments about the outside birds, especially hawks.)


Twenty-seven different species of amazons exist in the world today including the Blue Front, Yellow Nape, Mealy and the Double Yellow Head. Amazons come from Central and South America and even the Dominican Republic. These birds can live up to 100 years if kept in a safe environments.