August 2012

Entertain your parrots with toys

Three tips for selecting proper parrot toys

Owning a parrot can be an exciting time, but it can also be a challenge because you have to provide them with entertainment. You may think you are providing them with plenty of entertainment when you are home, which you may be doing. However, you may run into the problem of what you are going to do for them when you are asleep or at work. This is when you may want to have three tips to help you find the perfect parrot toys for your bird. 

The first tip is determining what size of a bird you are buying toys for. When you know this information, you can find the toys meant for them specifically and know you can avoid finding toys that have too large of openings for the beak. If the openings are too large, they can get their beaks stuck in them. Then you will have to try to get the toy off of your bird's beak without getting bitten. So the size of the toy and birds are a great thing for you to evaluate. 

Three tips for selecting your chicken breed

Why it's important to select the right one

Chicken breeds are easily one of the most commonly confused topics. The reason this is a confusing topic is because so many people think there are only a couple of breeds of chickens. However, this is far from the truth and if you look through any of the hatchery catalogs, you will be amazed by the selection of birds available. To help you decide, you should utilize these three tips to help you in finding the best chicken breed for your needs. 

The first tip to help you in finding the proper birds for your flock is to determine what you want the birds for. If you want to get birds mainly for eggs, then you want a breed which is known for their laying ability. However, if you want a bird for meat, then you may want to get a hybrid chicken. So you need to determine first what you plan on using your bird for to determine which kind you need to look for. You may also want to consider a dual-purpose bird as if you are not sure if you want a specific bird.